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I am 49 years. My weight has always been between 78 and 80. I have always been weight conscious. Always on excercise. But it happened that in 2019, I started experiencing low back pains. Gradually, it keeps getting worse.i started trying lots of medical treatments and excercises. It kept on worsening. Medical report presented it as bulged disc resulting from l3 l4 l5 SI disc issue. After some months, sometime in 2020 ending, I noticed the pains are radiating to my left leg precisely calf, tigh and big toe. I could not stand straight. I started tilting to one side. Movement became so painful. I walk with the assistance of human support or object.

By 2022, I started exploring clinics both within and outside Nigeria. With my MRI SCAN AND XRAY, all major orthopaedics, neuro surgery clinics concluded on Surgery as a last resort since it was affecting ambulation. I started trying acupuncture and traditional bone setter as I was not comfortable with surgery. There was also option of taking steroid injection, but the side effect got me scared. I became restricted to the room as I could not walk except in pain. Not until 2022 October, that my brother started enquiring and found that a collegue of his had similar issue of l4 l5 lumbar spine, herniated disc leading to sciatica pains and all that.

The lady got her treatment in Canada. We started writing to the clinic centre in Canada. The therapist in the centre asked me to look for a disc decompression machine in my country. I discovered it was same machine and centre a friend of mine, Dr Idemili recommended to me in December 2022. And that machine was found 8n Enugu, Astella Physiotherapy Centre, own by therapist Chike.

Exactly, on the 18th of April I started noticing a drastic improvement; as I can stand upright, psin fizzling out, and healing occurring. I mean, I couldn't belive what I saw but it was not a dream. Astella physio Enugu is infact a blessing a Nigeria and hope to the hopless in the lower back pain. People are eager to know where I went and got ok. I have been referring them to Astella.

Thanks to God, oga chy kay, my special, chidinma uche and Amara. Infact they work as a team.

Dr (Mrs) Sebs-okolo Chizoba.

I visited the Astella Clinic to receive IDD treatment for chronic back pain in February 2022 and I was really impressed by the dedicated and incredibly professional service I received. I visited the clinic daily for two weeks, when I arrived I could barely walk twenty paces at a time and was using a cane for support. Within a week of IDD treatment and physiotherapy I was walking unaided and the pain had reduced. Pre-covid I had gone to the US for the same treatment and I must say the treatment at Astella was a lot more effective, result and cost wise. Thank you Dr. Chuka and everyone at Astella Clinic. God bless you

Ronke Ajala

I visited Dr. Chuka's clinic when I had a pain in the sole of my feet. On my first visit, I was amazed looking at the facilities in this great clinic. The establishment has the same standard you can get in a typical well-established chiropractic center in the United States or some European cities, when I compare some centers I have been to in the past.

Dr. Chike is extremely professional and also very friendly, this characteristic helps me keep up with my appointment since visiting there is always something I look forward to.

They traced I had "Plantar Fasciitis and heel spur pain after their intensive diagnosis. After just a week of treatment, I can feel the pain is almost gone!

Why go for medical tourism abroad? when you have such a beautiful establishment in Nigeria. I thank Dr. Chike Chuka and his wonderful cheerful staff for restoring my feet back in such a very short period of time.

Charles Nwosu

I'd suffered excruciating back pain for over 15 years before discovering Astella physiotherapy. My pain is today a history thanks to the excellent team of physiotherapist led by Mr. Chuka. I hope more back patients from around the world and Nigeria in particular can discover Astella physiotherapy clinic. Thank you Mr. Chuka I have my back now flexible and free. Thank you.

Mr Uzong

'Why due in silence' goes an adage. I learnt about this facility from a friend who had benefited from her services. My first contact with the team under the supervision of Dr. Chike who exudes 'professionalism' of the highest real was about 2 months ago. 'This is Astella Clinics calling to remind you of your 12 noon clinic appointment' and the follow-up of same reminder via an SMS. Waoo..! The air of friendliness as well as the joy in manipulating painful joints and muscles back to functionality is seen on the smiling faces of the team.

Often times i scream when a painful area is being treated but all i hear is ' ndoo, it is to get you back to good shape in order for you to enjoy your life Not a harsh word or shouting of instructions to clients is my most enjoyable aspect of the care given to clients. It is truly a case of 'showing empathy' to clients. I never knew that I will overcome my fear of the IDD machine but really that became my best friend by the time I had done three sessions on it. The cleanliness and orderliness of the entire environment is aesthetically appealing and I won't be wrong to say that they are contributory to my healing at Astella Clinics. I know that I can not say it all but certainly the 'taste of the pudding is in the eating'.

After 10 sessions at the facility, I have amassed loads of 'take-home' exercises which are specific for my condition. I thank God for giving us this thorough - bred Professional team led by Dr. Chile Chuka who exhibit confidence with the dexterity with which he handles all those gadgets while explaining all the way what is happening during a treatment session. May God bless you all as you give succour to ailing people who turn their steps towards the Astella Clinics.


I had heard about Astella clinics, and have actually accompanied some friends for their sessions, but my own personal experience confirms all I saw and heard. I went there in a lot of pain but after 10 sessions, I feel a total sense of well being. The professionalism with which the staff carry out their job is really commendable, being that I personally appreciate professional service. you also feel at home as the staff are friendly and warm. I have also been able to do away with painkillers. I am quite impressed and actually learnt a lot have recommended them to a number of other people, and I hope you keep up the good work. well done and thank you.

Emilia Ivenso

I came to Astella Clinics with the case of radiclopathy, booked for surgery in the Hospital,-could not sit down save standing or lying down with a severe nerves and muscular pains. I received a world class treatment and clear instructions that helped me so much. I'm now 'healed' without pain any longer and surgery cancelled. Thanks to Astella experienced team working under Chike Chuka,- Chinwuba's calls and text messages, Gab, Ezinne for their diligence and cheerfulness. I strongly recommend Astella Physiotherapy Clinics for the Services listed above because I 'saw' honesty there.

Ken. Anaukwu

I came to Astella in a very sorry state; couldn't walk and I was in a lot of pain from my right leg. Within 14 sessions which ran over two weeks, I encountered so much positivity, encouragement and hard work from the team at Astella. Starting from Chinwuba who called every morning to Ezinne and Gab who worked with & under Chike's supervision, God used them to help me stand and walk on my feet. I was able to walk out of Astella, there's no one who cannot have this same experience once you follow instructions. Thanks team Astella.

Ifeoma Anagbogu

As regards my therapy with your clinic, I have greatly improved. I am writing to commend the services and also recommending people to try and see the good Job Astellaphysio is doing. Trial will convince you!!! Good health makes your life meaningful. Thanks.

Rev. Sister Okoh

Excellent clinic, very professional staff with high european standards at every level. It was worth the effort to come all the way from Yola. I totally recommend it.

Mario Travaini

I was very impressed by the professional approach of the Team at the clinic. Right from the first point of contact and throughout the whole treatment process, the staff members were courteous and knowledgeable in their dealings with both potential and existing clients. I found the treatment regimen useful, especially the detailed explanations for the bodily pains that had brought me there. I am most satisfied with the experience and knowledge gained.

Ifeoma Nwakoby

I came to Astella in almost a handicapped state. The pains in the legs, hands, back were excruciating. After ten sessions of treatment at Astella, I am fit. I can walk and jog without pain. I was also given some very useful exercises that have now formed my daily routine at home. I recommend this facility for treatment of pain. I found the staff ever patient, helpful and polite.

Ben Akah

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