Specialised Sports Injury Rehab in Nigeria

Rehabilitation is an essential component for a successful return to functions post injury or surgery. A well-tailored high level sport specific rehabilitation programme, which was once exclusively reserved for elite athletes, is made available to all at the Astella Clinics. The rehabilitation programme will be multifaceted compromising of goal setting, rehabilitation progression, evaluating goals and outcome, sports specific reconditioning and return to sports or function.

Through a well-structured clinically reasoned framework involving evidence based intervention and exercises, we incorporate the multi factorial holistic approach to optimize your recovery. Our ultra-modern gymnasium facilities provides the base for robust rehabilitation. Using the complex electro stimulator to complement or occasionally to replace voluntary physical muscle activity in order to improve performance and well being.

If you are interested in one of our services, need more information on a condition we treat or simply want to book an appointment then please call us on 0809 803 4000 / 0809 803 7000 or email us at admin@astellaphysiotherapyclinics.com for more information.

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